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Healing Self and Other

Contemplative View

Based in both Western methodology and Eastern Philosophy, find out what makes this style of therapy unique and beneficial in working with the many facets of life


Whether you are looking at healing as an individual or in relationship, you are taking a step in the right direction of finding the kind of therapy that will work for you. Find out whether I offer what you are looking for.

Getting Started

If any of this information interests you or you have more questions, take a moment to fill out a short welcome form so we can explore if my style of therapy is right for you. 



Relationships can be rich and satisfying. And, sometimes they can be hard and painful. The journey to heal attachment wounds and relationship trauma can also be hard and painful.

I can help.

Using a combination of traditional talk therapy and mindful awareness training, I  create space for exploration of healing relationship with yourself and others.

Healthy, empowering, and growth-producing relationships are possible. Are you ready?


Contact Me

3400 Table Mesa Dr Suite 102 

Boulder, CO 80302


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