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Relationships come in many variations with complex connections, dynamics, and history. Whether you're looking to heal communication issues with your spouse, trying to navigate the possibility of a break-up or healing wounds with a friend, it is worth giving the relationship space, time, and energy to work through challenges and find connection. If you and the person you want to come in with think I may be helpful, here are some specifics that I cover in my relationship therapy:

  • Exploring communication styles 

  • Boundary setting 

  • Finding resolution and healing attachment wounds

  • Exploring the power dynamics and distribution of tasks

  • Working through sex and intimacy challenges (if applicable)

  • Creating healthy habits and regulation skills in relationship

I take a dynamic approach of bringing insight to patterns and cycles happening within the relationship through a blend of orientations such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), attachment-based therapy, and constellation work. I hope you take the next step in giving your relationship its best chance to heal and grow. 

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