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 Sometimes our most difficult relationships are with those we love the most, which then creates complex dynamics that can feel impossible to wade through. With my family therapy, I focus on creating a space of compassion and boundary, so that all members can possibly feel enough safety and support to heal some of the hardest traumas and wounds. These are some of the topics of focus I bring into my family work:

  • Exploration of family members as individuals and their roles in the family

  • Parent-child challenges

  • Working through divorce 

  • Exploration of family genealogy

  • Communication skills

  • Boundary setting 


 Family relationships are complicated, so my therapy is focused on working through past traumas while staying grounded in the present moment to promote sustainable healing patterns. Using a blend of mindfulness interventions, art interventions, boundary and communication practice, my goal is to help family members begin to connect directly and indirectly in ways that promote respect, understanding, love, and empowerment of each individual.  

Family Therapy

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