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Individual Therapy

Starting on the path of individualized therapy is an important decision. As you continue to consider if my particular style is in alignment with your vision, here are some things I can offer:

  • Therapy with me will be co-created between us, meaning that you will supply the content, I will supply the tools, and together we will create a path of healing and growth. I believe that you ultimately hold the key to your healing success and that I can support your exploration.

  • I like to get creative with therapy and believe that we don't have to just sit and talk. I use a myriad of techniques such as (but not limited to)

    • ​Somatic Focusing
    • Motivational Interviewing 
    • Visualization/Meditation/Body Scan Practices
    • Inner-Child Work
    • Art Interventions
    • Mindful Movement

  • Areas of focus I specialize in include:
    • anxiety, stress, & coping skills

    • PTSD, C-PTSD, and other trauma experiences  

    • attachment patterns, relationship dynamics, codependency 

    • spirituality, life transitions 

If any of this moves you closer to saying 'yes' to therapy, click the button below to send me an email and fill out a short welcome form so we can start getting to know one another!

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