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What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?

Based in both Western methodology and Eastern philosophy, Contemplative Psychotherapy is the balance of traditional talk therapy and mindfulness practices based out of Tibetan Buddhism. It orients the therapist and client to a few key features that makes this style of therapy so unique and effective.

Some of these features are:

Cultivating Awareness of relationship patterns and dynamics that are no longer beneficial.

Working with Impermanence that disrupts the flow of life, whether that comes through big transitions, or small changes.

Creating Compassionate Understanding around why we think and behave the way we do and eventually extending that understanding to others.

Recognizing Basic Goodness on the subtle and profound levels in yourself and others.

What if I'm not a Buddhist?

That's ok!

Although I specialize in Buddhism, 

I encourage clients to bring in their own spiritual practices, whether based in a specific religion or not. 

What I find most important is the acknowledgement 

that spirituality plays a part in our lives, and it can be 

beneficial to bring it into therapy. 

If it is important for you to talk about it, 

I encourage and welcome all of it!

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